II. Pathophysiology

  1. Uncontrolled intrinsic laryngeal Muscle Contraction
  2. Neurogenic causes in most cases
  3. Psychogenic in some cases surrounding life stressors

III. Symptoms

  1. Jerky, poorly coordinated voice
    1. Variations in pitch and intensity
    2. Halting, strained or strangled sound
  2. Normal during singing, crying and laughing

IV. Signs

  1. Hyperadduction of the true and false Vocal Cords

V. Management

  1. Psychogenic Dysphonia
    1. Speech pathology
  2. Neurogenic Dysphonia
    1. Local injection Botulinum Toxin into vocal folds

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Ontology: Spastic Dysphonia (C0264588)

Concepts Sign or Symptom (T184)
MSH D055154 , D014832
SnomedCT 29003001
Spanish Disfonía espasmódica, Disfonía espástica, Disfonía Espástica, disfonía espasmódica, disfonía espástica (trastorno), disfonía espástica
English Dysphonia, spasmodic, Spastic Dysphonia, Dysphonia, Spastic, spastic dysphonia, dysphonia spasmodic, dysphonia spastic, spasmodic dysphonia, Spasmodic dysphonia, Spastic dysphonia, Spastic dysphonia (disorder), dysphonia; spastic, spastic; dysphonia, Spastic dysphonia, NOS
Dutch spasmodische dysfonie, spastische dysfonie, dysfonie; spastisch, spastisch; dysfonie, Spastische dysfonie
Portuguese Disfonia espasmódica, Disfonia espástica, Disfonia Espástica
German spasmodische Dystonie, spasmodische Dysphonie, Spastische Dysphonie
Italian Disfonia spasmodica, Disfonia spastica
Japanese 痙攣性発声障害, ケイレンセイハッセイショウガイ
Czech Křečová dysfonie, Spastická dysfonie, spastická dysfonie
French Dysphonie spastique, Dysphonie spasmodique
Hungarian Spastikus dysphonia, Spasmodicus dysphonia
Norwegian Spastisk dysfoni