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Ontology: Chronic laryngitis (C0155836)

Definition (NCI) Persistent laryngitis usually caused by smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, voice abuse, or gastroesophageal reflux disease. It results in hoarseness and other voice changes.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 476.0
ICD10 J37.0
SnomedCT 195815004, 195816003, 155535001, 29951006
English Chronic laryngitis NOS, chronic laryngitis, chronic laryngitis (diagnosis), laryngitis chronic, Laryngitis chronic, Laryngitis chronic NOS, Laryngitis;chronic, Chronic laryngitis NOS (disorder), Chronic laryngitis, Chronic laryngitis (disorder), chronic; laryngitis, laryngitis; chronic, Chronic laryngitis, NOS, Chronic Laryngitis
Dutch laryngitis chronisch, chronische laryngitis, laryngitis chronisch NAO, chronisch; laryngitis, laryngitis; chronisch, Chronische laryngitis
French Laryngite chronique, Laryngite chronique SAI
German chronische Laryngitis, Laryngitis chronisch NNB, Laryngitis chronisch, Chronische Laryngitis
Italian Laringite cronica NAS, Laringite cronica
Portuguese Laringite crónica, Laringite crónica NE
Spanish Laringitis crónica, Laringitis crónica NEOM, laringitis crónica, SAI (trastorno), Chronic laryngitis NOS, laringitis crónica, SAI, laringitis crónica (trastorno), laringitis crónica
Japanese 慢性喉頭炎NOS, 慢性喉頭炎, マンセイコウトウエンNOS, マンセイコウトウエン
Czech Chronická laryngitida, Chronický zánět hrtanu, Chronická laryngitida NOS
Korean 만성 후두염
Hungarian Laryngitis chronica, chronicus laryngitis, Laryngitis chronica k.m.n.