II. Pathophysiology

  1. Benign bony growth of ear canal
  2. Composed of dense compact bone

III. Epidemiology

  1. Associated with cold water swimming
  2. Most common tumor of auditory canal

V. Signs

  1. Bilateral, multiple bony growths
  2. Located in external auditory canal
  3. Adjacent to Tympanic Membrane

VI. Management

  1. Excision if Hearing Loss or Otalgia
  2. Excision Indications
    1. Obstructive symptoms (e.g. Conductive Hearing Loss)
    2. Secondary infection

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Ontology: Exostosis of external ear canal (C0155411)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 380.81
SnomedCT 19560007
English EAC exostosis, EAR EXOSTOSES, EXOSTOSES OF EXTERNAL AUDITORY CANAL, exostosis of external ear canal (diagnosis), exostosis of external ear canal, Exostosis ext ear canal, Exostosis of external ear canal, External auditory canal exostosis, Swimmers exostosis, Exostosis of external ear canal (disorder), exostosis; external ear canal, external ear canal; exostosis
Italian Esostosi del condotto uditivo esterno
Japanese 外耳道の外骨腫, ガイジドウノガイコツシュ
Czech Exostóza zevního zvukovodu
Spanish exostosis de conducto auditivo externo (trastorno), exostosis del canal del oído externo, exostosis de conducto auditivo externo, exostosis del canal del oído externo (trastorno), Exostosis del conducto auditivo externo
Hungarian külső hallójárat exostosis
Dutch exostose; uitwendige gehoorgang, uitwendige gehoorgang; exostose, exostose van de uitwendige gehoorgang
French Exostose du conduit auditif externe
Portuguese Exostose do canal auditivo externo
German Exostose des aeusseren Hoerganges