II. Causes

  1. Ear Trauma
  2. Recurrent Otitis Media

III. Signs

  1. Conductive Hearing Loss
  2. Otoscopy is often normal
    1. May reveal grossly altered position of Ossicles

IV. Imaging

  1. Non-contrast CT Temporal Bone

V. Differential Diagnosis

VI. Management

  1. Ossicular Chain Reconstruction

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Ontology: Discontinuity or dislocation of ear ossicles (C0155487)

Concepts Anatomical Abnormality (T190) , Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD9 385.23
Dutch onderbreking of dislocatie van de gehoorbeentjes
French Discontinuité ou luxation des osselets
German Diskonitnuitaet oder Dislokation der Gehoerknoechelchen
Portuguese Descontinuidade ou luxação dos ossículos do ouvido
Spanish Discontinuidad o luxación de los huesecillos del oído
Italian Discontinuità o dislocazione degli ossicini dell'orecchio
Czech Discontinuita nebo dislokace ušních kůstek
English Dislocation ear ossicle, Discontinuity or dislocation of ear ossicles
Hungarian Fülcsontok discontinuitasa vagy dislocatioja