II. Images

  1. Triangles of the neck
    1. entNeckMusclesHyoidGrayBB512.gifLewis (1918) Gray's Anatomy 20th ed (in public domain at Yahoo or BartleBy)

III. Exam: Extra-Oral Exam of the Anterior Triangle

  1. Background: Anterior triangle borders
    1. Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
    2. Sternal Notch
    3. Mandible
  2. Technique: Submandibular Triangle
    1. Thumb against Mandible
    2. Palpate Submandibular Triangle
    3. Press upward and outward toward Mandible
  3. Technique: Anterior Cervical Region
    1. Palpate with head hyperextended and turned away
    2. One hand behind sternocleidomastoid
    3. Palpate over Sternocleidomastoid against other hand

IV. Exam: Intraoral

  1. One hand extra-oral palm up against submandibular
  2. Gloved index finger against floor of mouth
  3. Walk finger anterior to posterior
  4. Push against other hand

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Ontology: Submandibular triangle structure (C0230070)

Concepts Body Location or Region (T029)
SnomedCT 5713008
English Submaxillary triangle, Digastric triangle, Trigonum submandibulare, submandibular triangle, submandibular area, Submandibular area, Submandibular triangle, Regio submaxillaris, Submandibular triangle structure (body structure), Submandibular trigone, Submaxillary region, Trigone submandibulare, Submandibular triangle structure
Spanish estructura del triángulo submandibular (estructura corporal), estructura del triángulo submandibular, triángulo submandibular, área submandibular