II. Causes: GnRH dependent (True or Central): Complete Isosexual

  1. Idiopathic
  2. CNS Lesion (e.g. pituitary tumor)
  3. Secondary to GnRH independent Precocious Puberty
  4. Hypothyroidism (unclear cause)
  5. Chronic Adrenal Insufficiency

III. Causes: GnRH independent (Peripheral - always abnormal)

  1. Adrenal Causes
    1. 21-OH deficiency
    2. 11-OH deficiency
    3. Results
      1. Girls: contrasexual
      2. Boys: isosexual
    4. Tumor: Contrasexual OR Isosexual
  2. Gonadal Cause
    1. McCune-Albright Syndrome (Isosexual)
      1. Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia
      2. Cafe Au Lait spots
      3. Precocious Puberty
      4. Associated with Hyperthyroidism, Cushing's Syndrome
    2. Familial Male (Testotoxicosis, Isosexual)
    3. Tumor (Isosexual or Contrasexual)
  3. Miscellaneous Cause
    1. Ectopic hCG Secreting tumor (Isosexual in boys)
    2. Extraglandular aromatization (Contrasexual in boys)
    3. Factitious (Isosexual or Contrasexual)

IV. Causes: Partial Sexual Development Causes

  1. Benign Premature Thelarche
    1. Isolated Breast development as early as
  2. Benign Premature Adrenarche
    1. Isolated pubic hair develops under age 6 years

V. Causes: Contrasexual Development Causes

  1. Boys
    1. Estrogen-Secreting adrenal tumor
  2. Girls
    1. Excessive pubic hair
      1. Adrenal hyperplasia
      2. Benign Premature Adrenarche
      3. Polycystic Ovary Disease (older girls)
    2. Virilization (clitoromegaly and increased Muscle)
      1. Ovarian tumor
      2. Adrenal tumor
      3. Cushing's Syndrome
      4. Hyperprolactinemia
      5. Acromegaly
      6. Exogenous androgens

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Ontology: Precocious Puberty (C0034013)

Definition (NCI) Unusually early sexual development or maturity; premature puberty.
Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by unusually early development of secondary sexual features; the onset of sexual maturation begins usually before age 8 for girls and before age 9 for boys.
Definition (NCI) Unusually early sexual maturity.
Definition (CSP) unusually early sexual maturity.
Definition (MSH) Development of SEXUAL MATURATION in boys and girls at a chronological age that is 2.5 standard deviations below the mean age at onset of PUBERTY in the population. This early maturation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis results in sexual precocity, elevated serum levels of GONADOTROPINS and GONADAL STEROID HORMONES such as ESTRADIOL and TESTOSTERONE.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D011629
ICD10 E30.1
SnomedCT 267488008, 190576002, 154716006, 190575003, 400179000, 123527003, 70387004
English Puberty, Precocious, PUBERTY PRECOCIOUS, Sexual Precocity, Precocious Puberty, precocious puberty (diagnosis), precocious puberty, Maturation sex accelerated, Accelerated sexual maturation, Accelerated sexual maturity, Early puberty, Precocious puberty NOS, Puberty precocious, Puberty, Precocious [Disease/Finding], premature puberty, early puberty, precocious sexual development, puberty precocious, Puberty;precocious, sexual precocity, true precocious puberty, puberty early, True precocious puberty, Premature puberty, (Sexual precocity NOS) or (puberty - precocious), (Sexual precocity NOS) or (puberty - precocious) (disorder), Puberty - precocious, Precocious puberty, Sexual precocity, Precocious sexual development, Precocious puberty (disorder), Precocious sexual development (disorder), precocious; puberty, premature; puberty, pubertas praecox, puberty; precocious, puberty; premature, Pubertas praecox, Precocious true puberty, Sexual precocity, NOS, Sexual precocity NOS
French PUBERTE PRECOCE, Puberté précoce SAI, Maturation sexuelle accélérée, Maturité sexuelle accélérée, Puberté précoce vraie, Puberté précoce
Portuguese PUBERDADE PRECOCE, Maturação sexual acelerada, Maturidade sexual acelerada, Puberdade precoce NE, Puberdade precoce verdadeira, Puberdade precoce, Puberdade Precoce
Spanish PUBERTAD PRECOZ, Pubertad temprana, Maduración sexual acelerada, Pubertad precoz NEOM, Madurez sexual acelerada, pubertad precoz verdadera, Pubertad precoz verdadera, desarrollo sexual Y/O puberal precoz, desarrollo sexual precoz (trastorno), desarrollo sexual precoz, precocidad sexual, pubertad precoz (trastorno), pubertad precoz verdadera (trastorno), pubertad precoz, pubertas praecox, Pubertad precoz, Pubertad Precoz
Dutch versnelde seksuele ontwikkeling, versnelde seksuele rijpheid, vroege puberteit, pubertas praecox NAO, seksuele ontwikkeling versneld, echte pubertas praecox, prematuur; puberteit, puberteit; prematuur, puberteit; vroegtijdigheid, vroegtijdigheid; puberteit, Pubertas praecox, pubertas praecox, Puberteit (ontwikkelingstoestand); vroegtijdig, Vroegtijdige puberteit
German beschleunigte sexuelle Reife, fruehe Pubertaet, Geschlechtsreife beschleunigt, Pubertas praecox NNB, PUBERTAS PRAECOX, Vorzeitige Pubertaet [Pubertas praecox], Pubertas praecox vera, Pubertas praecox, Pubertät, verfrühte
Italian Pubertà precoce NAS, Pubertà anticipata, Maturità sessuale accelerata, Sviluppo sessuale precoce, Precocità puberale, Maturazione sessuale accelerata, Pubertà precoce vera, Pubertà precoce
Japanese 思春期早発, 性成熟亢進, 思春期早発症NOS, セイセイジュクコウシン, シシュンキソウハツ, シシュンキソウハツショウNOS, シシュンキソウハツショウ, 思春期早発症, シンセイシシュンキソウハツショウ, 中枢性思春期早発症, 中枢性早熟症, 性早熟症, 性的早熟, 早期破瓜, 早熟, 早熟症, 早発思春期, 早発性大性器症, 早発青春期, 真性思春期早発症, 真性性早熟症, 性的早熟症, 早発症-思春期
Swedish Pubertet, för tidig
Czech puberta předčasná, Urychlená pohlavní zralost, Urychlené pohlavní dospívání, Pubertas praecox, Předčasná puberta, Pubertas praecox NOS, Pravá předčasná puberta
Finnish Ennenaikainen murrosikä
Korean 사춘기 조숙
Polish Dojrzewanie płciowe przedwczesne, Pokwitanie przedwczesne
Hungarian Accelerált sexualis érettség, Pubertas praecox, Gyorsult nemi érés, Accelerált sexualis érés, Korai pubertas, Praecox pubertas k.m.n., Praecox pubertas, Valódi pubertas praecox
Norwegian For tidlig Pubertet, Pubertas praecox, For tidlig kjønnsutvikling