II. Causes: Hyperpigmentation

III. Causes: Systemic conditions with Hyperpigmentation

  1. Cardiovascular
    1. Venous Stasis Dermatitis
  2. Skin
    1. Scleroderma
  3. Endocrine and Metabolic
    1. See Hyperpigmentation in Pregnancy
    2. Grave's Disease
    3. Hyperthyroidism
    4. Addison's Disease (Melanin Deposition)
    5. Porphyria
    6. Diabetic Dermopathy
      1. Hemosiderin deposition in Diabetes Mellitus
  4. Gastrointestinal Disease
    1. Whipple's Disease
    2. Cirrhosis
    3. Felty's Syndrome
    4. Hemochromatosis (Iron deposition)
  5. Genitalia
    1. Heller-Nelson Syndrome
  6. Hematology and Oncology
    1. Pernicious Anemia
    2. Folic Acid Deficiency
    3. Neoplasm
  7. Nutrition
    1. Malnutrition
    2. Starvation
  8. Medications and toxins
    1. See Medication Causes of Hyperpigmentation
    2. Phototoxic Reaction (increased Melanocytes)

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Ontology: Hyperpigmentation (C0162834)

Definition (CHV) the increase in the natural color of the skin
Definition (CHV) the increase in the natural color of the skin
Definition (CHV) the increase in the natural color of the skin
Definition (CHV) the increase in the natural color of the skin
Definition (NCI) Darkening of the skin due to excessive melanin deposition. Causes include skin injuries, pregnancy, eczema, and Addison disease.
Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by darkening of the skin due to excessive melanin deposition.
Definition (MSH) Excessive pigmentation of the skin, usually as a result of increased epidermal or dermal melanin pigmentation, hypermelanosis. Hyperpigmentation can be localized or generalized. The condition may arise from exposure to light, chemicals or other substances, or from a primary metabolic imbalance.
Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
MSH D017495
SnomedCT 156435008, 156432006, 267869006, 49765009, 4830009
English HYPERPIGMENTATION SKIN, SKIN HYPERPIGMENTATION, Increased skin pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Hyperpigmentation skin, Skin Hyperpigmentation, Hyperpigmentation [Disease/Finding], hyperpigmentation, hyperpigmentation of skin, hypermelanosis, skin hyperpigmentation, Hypermelanosis, Hyperpigmentation disorders, Hypermelanoses, Hyperpigmentation disorder (disorder), Skin hyperpigmentation, Dermal hyperpigmentation, Hyperpigmented skin, Hyperpigmentation disorder, Hyperpigmentation (morphologic abnormality), Hyperpigmentation of skin (disorder), Hyperpigmentation of skin, Hyperpigmentation of skin, NOS, Hyperpigmentation, NOS
Italian Disturbi da iperpigmentazione, Iperpigmentazione della cute, Ipermelanosi, Iperpigmentazione
Dutch hypermelanose, hyperpigmentatie huid, huidhyperpigmentatie, hyperpigmentatieaandoeningen, Hyperpigmentatie
French Hyperpigmentation de la peau, HYPERPIGMENTATION CUTANEE, Hyperpigmentation cutanée, Troubles d'hyperpigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Hypermélanose
German Hypermelanose, HAUTHYPERPIGMENTIERUNG, HYPERPIGMENTIERUNG, Hyperpigmentationserkrankungen, Hauthyperpigmentierung, Hyperpigmentation, Pigmentierung, verstärkte
Portuguese Hipermelanose, HIPERPIGMENTACAO CUTANEA, PELE HIPERPIGMENTADA, Afecções de hiperpigmentação, Hiperpigmentação cutânea, Hiperpigmentação
Spanish Hiperpigmentación de piel, Hipermelanosis, PIEL HIPERPIGMENTADA, PIEL, HIPERPIGMENTACION, hiperpigmentación (anomalía morfológica), hiperpigmentación de la piel (trastorno), hiperpigmentación de la piel, hiperpigmentación, Alteraciones cutáneas con hiperpigmentación, Hiperpigmentación de la piel, Hiperpigmentación
Japanese メラニン増加症, 皮膚色素過剰, 色素過剰症, ヒフシキソカジョウ, メラニンゾウカショウ, シキソカジョウショウ, 色素沈着過度
Swedish Hyperpigmentering
Czech hyperpigmentace, Kožní hyperpigmentace, Hyperpigmentační poruchy, Hypermelanóza
Finnish Hyperpigmentaatio
Croatian Not Translated[Hyperpigmentation]
Polish Hiperpigmentacja, Przebarwienie, Złogi barwnikowe, Zabarwienie nadmierne
Hungarian Hyperpigmentatio bőr, Hyperpigmentáció betegségek, Bőr hyperpigmentatio, Hypermelanosis
Norwegian Hypermelanose, Hyperpigmentering