II. Pathophysiology

  1. Silver salt deposition in skin
  2. Excessive oral silver intake (e.g. Colloidal Silver)
    1. Historically silver was used for antibacterial properties before antibiotics were available
    2. Unfortunately patients still use colloidal silver in a mis-guided self-treatment

III. Symptoms

  1. Asymptomatic

IV. Signs

  1. Permanent blue-gray to bronze discoloration of skin, mucosa
  2. Darker coloration where skin exposed to light

V. Complications

VI. Resources

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Ontology: Argyria (C0003782)

Definition (MSH) A permanent ashen-gray discoloration of the skin, conjunctiva, and internal organs resulting from long-continued use of silver salts. (Dorland, 27th ed)
Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
MSH D001129
SnomedCT 77783001, 255636009, 66994003
English Argyria, Argyrias, ARGYRIA, poisoning by silver (diagnosis), poisoning by silver, Argyria [Disease/Finding], argyrosis, silver poisoning, argyria, Deposition of silver, Argyrosis, Silver poisoning, Deposition of silver (morphologic abnormality), Argyria (qualifier value), Silver poisoning (disorder)
French ARGYRIE, Argyrie, Argyrose
Portuguese ARGIRIA, Argirismo, Argiríase, Argiria
Spanish ARGIRIA, argiria (calificador), argiria, argirosis, depósito de plata (anomalía morfológica), depósito de plata, intoxicación argírica, intoxicación por plata (trastorno), intoxicación por plata, Argiria
German ARGYRIE, Argyrie
Japanese 銀皮症, ギンヒショウ, ギンピショウ
Swedish Silverförgiftning
Czech argyrie, Argyrie
Finnish Argyria
Polish Srebrzyca, Argyroza
Hungarian Argyria
Norwegian Kronisk sølvforgiftning, Argyri
Dutch argyrie, Argyriase, Argyrie, Argyrisme, Argyrose
Italian Argiria