II. Definition

  1. Benign pigmented Birthmarks typically in black, native american, asian and hispanic children

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Melanocytes that are trapped deep with the skin

IV. Epidemiology: Ethnic breakdown

  1. Black infants: 96%
  2. Native americans infants: 90%
  3. Asian infants: 81-90%
  4. Hispanic infants: 46-70%
  5. White infants: 10%

V. Signs

  1. Bluish-gray, bluish-black or brown Macules or patches
  2. Distribution: Especially lumbosacral and buttock areas

VI. Course

  1. Most lesions fade by age 2 and often disappear completely between age 7 to 13 years
  2. Some areas may persist

VII. Management

  1. No interventions needed
  2. Document presence of Mongolian Spots to avoid misdiagnosis of Bruising from abuse

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Ontology: Mongolian Spot (C0265985)

Definition (NCI) A congenital mark on the skin near the base of the spine, consisting of scattered ectopic melanocytes in the dermis, that enlarges for a short time after birth and disappears during childhood.
Definition (MSH) A bluish-gray to gray-brown benign, melanocytic nevus found usually in the LUMBOSACRAL REGION of dark-skinned people, especially those of East Asian ancestry. It is usually congenital or appears shortly after birth, and disappears in childhood.
Concepts Neoplastic Process (T191)
MSH D049328
SnomedCT 268355000, 157017000, 40467008
Swedish Mongolfläck
Czech mongolská skvrna, Mongolská skvrna
Finnish Mongoliläiskä
Italian Chiazza mongolica blu, Macchia mongolica, Chiazza mongolica
English Mongolian spots (physical finding), Mongolian spots, Mongolian spots were observed, Mongolian Spot [Disease/Finding], mongolian blue spot, mongolian spot, mongolian spots, blue mongolian spots, Spots - mongolian, Blue sacral spot, Mongolian macula, Mongolian spot, Mongolian blue spot, Mongolian spot (disorder), Mongolian Spot, Blue Spot, Mongolian, Spot, Mongolian, Mongolian Blue Spot, Mongolian Macula, Blue Sacral Spot
Spanish Mancha mongoliana, mancha mongoloide (trastorno), mancha mongoloide, mancha sacra azul, mácula mongólica, Mancha Mongólica
Dutch mongolenvlek, Mongolenvlek, Vlek, mongolen-
French Tache mongolique, Tache bleue mongolique, Tache mongoloïde
Portuguese Mancha mongólica, Mancha Mongólica
Japanese モウコハン, 小児斑(蒙古斑), 蒙古斑
Polish Plama mongolska, Plama błękitna, Znamię barwnikowe mongolskie
Hungarian Mongolfolt
Norwegian Mongolflekk
German Mongolenfleck, blauer, Mongolenfleck