II. Epidemiology

  1. Rare

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Delayed Nail Growth
  2. Results in nails heaping-up and thickening
  3. May be associated with microvascular permeability
    1. Lymphedema
    2. Pleural Effusion
    3. Hypoalbuminemia

IV. Signs

  1. Convex (heaped-up) nails with loss of lunula
  2. Nail with yellow hue

V. Associated Conditions

  1. Bronchiectasis
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  3. Immunodeficiency (e.g. AIDS)
  4. Chronic Sinusitis
  5. Thiol Medications (e.g. gold Sodium thiomalate)

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Ontology: Hereditary lymphedema and yellow nails (C0221348)

Definition (MSH) A rare condition characterized by the presence of yellow nails, LYMPHEDEMA, and/or PLEURAL EFFUSION with respiratory tract involvement. Abnormal lymphatic network may play a role in its etiology. Occasionally inherited, yellow nail syndrome mostly is sporadic without apparent family history.
Definition (NCI) A rare syndrome characterized by the presence of thickened yellow nails, lymphedema, and respiratory abnormalities, including pleural effusion, bronchiectasis, chronic sinusitis, and persistent cough. Some cases are associated with mutations in the FOXC2 gene.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D056684
ICD10 L60.5
SnomedCT 45342007, 400211001
German Yelllow nail syndrome, YELLOW NAIL SYNDROM, Yellow-nail-Syndrom [Syndrom der gelben Naegel], Syndrom der gelben Nägel, Yellow-Nail-Syndrom, Gelbe-Naegel-Syndrom, Syndrom der gelben Naegel, Gelbe-Nägel-Syndrom, Yellow Nail Syndrom
Japanese 黄色爪症候群, オウショクソウショウコウグン
English LYMPHEDEMA AND YELLOW NAILS, YELLOW NAIL SYNDROME, Hereditary lymphedema and yellow nails, yellow nail syndrome, yellow nail syndrome (diagnosis), Yelllow nail syndrome, YNS, Syndromes, Yellow Nail, Yellow Nail Syndrome, Yellow Nail Syndromes, Nail Syndrome, Yellow, Syndrome, Yellow Nail, Nail Syndromes, Yellow, Yellow Nail Syndrome [Disease/Finding], nails yellowing, yellow nails, nails syndrome yellow, nail yellow, nail syndrome yellow, nail yellowing, yellow nail, Lymphedema And Yellow Nails, Yellow nail syndrome, Hereditary lymphedema and yellow nails (disorder), Hereditary lymphoedema and yellow nails, syndrome; yellow nail, yellow nail; syndrome
Portuguese SINDROME DAS UNHAS AMARELAS, Síndrome das Unhas Amareladas, Síndrome das Unhas Amarelas, Síndrome das unhas amarelas
French SYNDROME DES ONGLES JAUNES, Syndrome des ongles jaunes, Xanthonychie
Spanish UNA AMARILLA, SINDROME, Síndrome de la Uña Amarilla, linfedema hereditario y uñas amarillas (trastorno), linfedema hereditario y uñas amarillas, Síndrome de las uñas amarillas
Czech Syndrom žlutých nehtů, syndrom žlutých nehtů
Korean 황색 손[발]톱 증후군
Italian Sindrome delle unghie gialle
Swedish Gula naglar-syndromet
Polish Zespół żółtych paznokci
Hungarian Sárga köröm tünetegyüttes, Sárga köröm syndroma
Norwegian Gule negler-syndrom, Gule negler-syndromet
Dutch gele nagels; syndroom, syndroom; gele nagels, Gele-nagelssyndroom, gele nagelsyndroom