II. Signs: Transverse Linear Nail Lesion

  1. Transverse white line extending the complete width of the nail plate
  2. Line migrates distally as the nail grows
  3. One or multiple nails involved

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Ontology: Mee's line (C0240430)

Concepts Finding (T033)
SnomedCT 73751008
Dutch lijnen van Mees, Mees' lijn
French Lignes de Mee, Ligne de Mee, STRIE DE MEE
German Mees-Streifen, MEESSCHE STREIFEN
Italian Stria di Mees, Strie di Mees
Portuguese Linha de Mees, LINHA DE MEE
Spanish Línea de Mees, Líneas de Mees, líneas de Mee (trastorno), líneas de Mee, líneas transversales blancas de la uña
Japanese ミーズ線条, ミーズセンジョウ
English MEE'S LINE, Mees' lines (physical finding), Aldrich-Mees' lines, Mees' lines were seen, Mees' lines, Mee line, lines mee's, mees' lines, lines mee, mee's line, mees lines, Mee's line, White transverse strip of nail, Mee's stripes, Mee's line (disorder)
Czech Meesovy proužky, Meesův proužek
Hungarian Mees-féle vonal, Mees-féle vonalak a körmön