II. Definition

  1. Tinea Corporis variant seen in wrestlers

III. Epidemiology

  1. Seen in wrestlers from skin-to-skin contact

IV. Signs

  1. Characteristics
    1. Classic Annular Lesions as described above or
    2. Erythematous ScalingPapules or Plaques
  2. Distribution
    1. Head, neck and arms

V. Management

VI. Prevention

  1. Lesions must be completely and securely covered for wrestlers to participate
  2. Wrestlers with extensive involvement may return to sport after one week of treatment

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Ontology: Tinea corporis (disorder) (C0040252)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
ICD10 B35.4
SnomedCT 186994008, 154400008, 84849002
English Ringworm of body, Tinea corporis (disorder), tinea corporis, tinea corporis (diagnosis), Ringworm of the body, tinea body, body ringworm, of body ringworm, corporis tinea, herpes circinatus, body tinea, Ringworm of body (disorder), Tinea corporis, Tinea circinata, Herpes circinatus, Tinea circinatus, Body tinea, body; ringworm, circinatus; herpes, corporis; tinea, herpes; circinatus, ringworm; body, tinea; corporis
Italian Tinea corporis, Dermatofitosi del corpo, Tigna del corpo
Dutch ringworm van het lichaam, tinea corporis, circinatus; herpes, corporis; tinea, herpes; circinatus, lichaam; ringworm, ringworm; lichaam, tinea; corporis, Tinea corporis, lichaamstinea
French Trichophytie des parties découvertes du corps, Teignes corporelles, Dermatophytose de la peau glabre
Portuguese Tinha do corpo, Tinha corporal
Japanese 体部白癬, タイブハクセン
Czech Plísňové onemocnění kůže těla, Tinea corporis
Korean 체부 백선증
Hungarian tinea a törzsön, tinea corporis, Test bőrgombája
Spanish herpes circinado, tiña circinada, tiña del cuerpo (trastorno), tiña del cuerpo, tricofitosis del cuerpo, Tiña corporal
German Tinea corporis