II. Description

  1. Skin lesions that develop in response to local Trauma

III. Conditions exhibiting Koebner Phenomenon

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Ontology: Köbner phenomenon (C0263367)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 89321004
English Koebner phenomenon, Koebner phenomenon (disorder), Köbner phenomenon (disorder), Köbner phenomenon, Kobner phenomenon, koebner phenomenon, isomorphic response, Isomorphic response, Koebner
Italian Fenomeno di Koebner
Japanese ケブナー現象, ケブナーゲンショウ
Czech Koebnerův fenomén
Spanish fenómeno de Köbner (trastorno), fenómeno de Köbner, fenómeno de Koebner (trastorno), fenómeno de Koebner, respuesta isomórfica, Fenómeno de Koebner
Hungarian Koebner-jelenség
Portuguese Fenómeno de Koebner
Dutch Köbner-fenomeen
French Phénomène de Koebner
German Koebner Phaenomen