III. Pathophysiology

  1. Rapid epithelial cell proliferation
  2. Stratum Corneum (outer epidermal layer) does not form
  3. Outermost layer now appears as scale

IV. Signs

  1. Desquamating layers of skin
  2. Sandpaper feel suggests solar keratosis

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Ontology: Peeling of skin (C0237849)

Definition (NCI) Shedding of the outer layer of skin or mucosal tissue.
Concepts Finding (T033)
ICD10 R23.4
SnomedCT 14411002, 123120008, 271767006
LNC MTHU015271
English SKIN EXFOLIATION, SKIN PEELING, Skin flaking, Skin scaling, Desquamation, function, Peeling of skin, skin peeling (symptom), scales, desquamation, exfoliation (physical finding), skin scales (physical finding), skin scales, exfoliation, desquamation (physical finding), skin peeling, scales were seen, desquamation was seen, skin scaling, exfoliation was seen, scaling of skin (symptom), scaling of skin, Desquamation of skin, exfoliated, flaking skin, peeling skins, skin flaking, scaling, skin peel, peeling of skin, Peeling;skin, skin exfoliation, exfoliating, peeling skin, scaling skin, exfoliate, skin desquamation, Scaling (observable entity), Desquamation, Desquamative state, Scaling, Dropping of scales, Exfoliating, Flaking of skin, Shedding of scales, Exfoliation, Desquamation, function (observable entity), Peeling of skin (finding), Scaling of skin, desquamation; skin, Desquamation, NOS, Scaling of skin, NOS, Exfoliation, NOS, Desquamation (function), Scaling -RETIRED-, Skin desquamation, Skin desquamation NOS, Exfoliation NOS, Exfoliation of skin, Skin exfoliation, Flaking skin, Skin peeling
Dutch huidexfoliatie, huidschilfering, afschilferen, exfoliatie NAO, exfoliatie, pellende huid, huidafschilfering, exfoliatie van huid, huidschilfering NAO, afschilfering; huid
French Exfoliation cutanée, Desquamation de la peau, Desquamation cutanée SAI, Exfoliation SAI, Exfoliation de la peau, Desquamation, Exfoliation, DESQUAMATION CUTANEE, EXFOLIATION CUTANEE
Italian Esfoliazione della cute, Desquamazione cutanea, Esfoliazione NAS, Desquamazione della cute, Desquamazione della cute NAS, Esfoliazione, Desquamazione
Portuguese Exfoliação cutânea, Exfoliação, Descamação da pele, Exfoliação NE, Exfoliação da pele, Descamação, Descamação térmica NE, DESCAMACAO CUTANEA, EXFOLIACAO CUTANEA
Spanish Exfoliación de la piel, Exfoliación, Exfoliación NEOM, Descamación de piel, Piel escamosa, Descamación de la piel NEOM, Descamación, Denudación cutánea, PIEL, DESCAMACION, PIEL, EXFOLIACION, raspado (concepto no activo), raspado, descamación (entidad observable), descamación (función), descamación cutánea (hallazgo), descamación cutánea, descamación, estado descamativo, exfoliación
German Exfoliation, Hautabschuppung, Exfoliation NNB, Schaelen der Haut, abschilfernde Haut, Schuppung, Hautabschuppung NNB, HAUTABBLAETTERN, HAUTSCHAELEN, Exfoliation der Haut
Japanese 皮膚落屑NOS, 剥脱NOS, 皮膚落屑, 落屑, 剥脱, 皮膚剥離, 皮膚剥脱, 皮膚薄片剥離, ヒフラクセツNOS, ヒフハクリ, ラクセツ, ハクダツ, ヒフハクヘンハクリ, ヒフラクセツ, ヒフハクダツ, ハクダツNOS
Czech Exfoliace, Olupující se kůže, Olupování kůže, Kožní deskvamace, Kožní exfoliace, Deskvamace, Kožní deskvamace NOS, Exfoliace NOS
Hungarian bőr lemezesen hámló, Bőr desquamatio, Hámló bőr, Bőr desquamatio k.m.n., Bőr exfoliatio, Desquamatio, Exfoliatio k.m.n., Exfoliatio, Bőr exfoliatiója