II. Associated Conditions: Dermatologic

  1. Frostbite
  2. Trench Foot (Immersion Foot)
  3. Chilblains
  4. Acrocyanosis
  5. Erythrocyanosis
  6. Raynaud's Phenomenon
  7. Cryoglobulins
  8. Cold Panniculitis
  9. Sclerema neonatorum
  10. Subcutaneous Fat Necrosis of the newborn

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Ontology: Effects of low temperature (C0161734)

Concepts Injury or Poisoning (T037)
ICD9 E901.9, 991.9, 991
ICD10 T69.9
SnomedCT 157716004, 157721001, 212936003, 11925005
English Unspecified effect of reduced temperature, Reduced temperature effect NOS, Effect of reduced temperature, unspecified, Effects of low temperature, effect of reduced temperature, effect of reduced temperature (diagnosis), Excessive cold NOS, Effect reduced temp NOS, effects cold, cold effects, cold effect, Accident due to excessive cold of unspecified origin, Excessive cold of unspecified origin, Effects of low temperature (disorder), Reduced temperature effect NOS (disorder), Effects of reduced temperature, Effects of freezing AND/OR excessive cold, Effects of reduced temperature (disorder), cold; effects of, effects of; cold, effects of; low temperature, Effects of freezing or excessive cold, NOS, Effects of reduced temperature, NOS, Cold Effects, Effects of freezing or excessive cold NOS
Dutch niet-gespecificeerd gevolg van gedaalde temperatuur, gevolgen van gedaalde temperatuur, gevolg; koude, gevolg; lage temperatuur, koude; gevolgen van, Gevolg van verlaagde temperatuur, niet gespecificeerd
German unspezifische Auswirkungen verminderter Temperatur, Auswirkungen verminderter Temperatur, Schaden durch niedrige Temperatur, nicht naeher bezeichnet
Italian Effetti del freddo non specificati, Effetti del freddo
Portuguese Efeitos de temperatura reduzida, Efeito NE da temperatura baixa
Spanish Efectos de las bajas temperaturas, Efecto no especificado de las bajas temperaturas, efecto hipotérmico, SAI (trastorno), efecto hipotérmico, SAI, Reduced temperature effect NOS, efectos de la baja temperatura (trastorno), efectos de la baja temperatura, efectos del congelamiento Y/O del frío excesivo
Japanese 低温の詳細不明の作用, 低温の作用, テイオンノサヨウ, テイオンノショウサイフメイノサヨウ
French Effets d'une température réduite, Effet non précisé d'une température réduite
Czech Následky nízké teploty, Blíže neurčený následek nízké teploty
Korean 상세불명의 저하된 온도의 영향
Hungarian Csökkent hőmérséklet nem meghatározott hatása, Alacsony hőmérséklet hatásai

Ontology: dermatitis due to cold weather (C0263297)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 59336008, 200869002
English Contact dermatitis due to cold weather, Contact dermat.:cold weather, dermatitis due to cold weather (diagnosis), dermatitis due to cold weather, Contact dermatitis due to cold weather (disorder), Dermatitis due to cold weather
Spanish dermatitis de contacto por clima frío, dermatitis de contacto por clima frío (trastorno), dermatitis por contacto con clima frío, dermatitis de contacto por frío