II. Epidemiology

  1. Rare
  2. Age of Onset: Under age 5 years

III. Pathophysiology

  1. Autoimmune bullous disorder
  2. Variant of Linear IgA Dermatosis (seen in adults)

IV. Symptoms

  1. Pruritus and burning Sensation

V. Signs

  1. Sudden onset of tense inflamed Blisters over red base
    1. May appear as collarettes of Blisters
  2. Distribution
    1. Most commonly found on genitalia
    2. Also may involves face and perioral skin
    3. Oral Mucosa involved in 50% of cases

VI. Labs

VII. Management

VIII. Course

  1. Resolves within 2 years of onset in most cases

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Ontology: Chronic Bullous Disease of Childhood (C0494827)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D062027
ICD10 L12.2
English Chronic bullous disease of childhood, Chronic Bullous Disease of Childhood, bullous; disorder, chronic, childhood, chronic; bullous disease of childhood, disease (or disorder); bullous, chronic, childhood, disease (or disorder); chronic bullous of childhood
Dutch chronische bulleuze aandoening op kinderleeftijd, aandoening; bulleus, chronisch, op kinderleeftijd, aandoening; chronisch bulleus op kinderleeftijd, bulleus; aandoening, chronisch, op kinderleeftijd, chronisch; bulleuze aandoening op kinderleeftijd, Chronische bulleuze ziekte op kinderleeftijd
German chronische blasenbildende Erkrankungen der Kindheit, Chronisch-bulloese Dermatose des Kindesalters, Chronisch bullöse Dermatose, Kind, Chronisch bulloese Dermatose, Kind, Chronisch bullöse Dermatose, Kinder, Chronisch bulloese Dermatose, Kinder
Italian Malattia bollosa cronica infantile
Portuguese Doença bolhosa crónica da infância
Spanish Enfermedad bullosa crónica de la niñez
Japanese 小児期の慢性水疱性疾患, ショウニキノマンセイスイホウセイシッカン
French Maladie bulleuse chronique chez l'enfant, Maladie bulleuse chronique de l'enfant
Czech Chronická bulózní choroba dětského věku, chronická bulózní dermatóza dětí
Korean 소아의 만성 수포성 질환
Hungarian Gyermekkori chronikus bullosus kór
Norwegian Kronisk bulløs dermatose, barn, Kronisk bulløs sykdom i barndommen