II. Pathophysiology

  1. Cellulitis caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae

III. Epidemiology

  1. More common in summer
  2. Food Handlers
    1. Raw Saltwater fish or shellfish
    2. Raw Poultry or meat
    3. Animal Hides

IV. Symptoms

  1. Onset one week after hand abrasions
  2. Pruritic, painful Rash develops at abrasion site

V. Signs

  1. Locally tender violaceous swellings with raised margin
  2. Lesions spread peripherally
  3. Brown pigmentation of lesions then follows

VI. Differential Diagnosis

  1. See Cellulitis
  2. Erysipelas
    1. Erysipeloid is a slower, subacute infection

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Ontology: Erysipelothrix infection (C0014736)

Definition (MSH) Infections with bacteria of the genus ERYSIPELOTHRIX.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D004889
ICD9 027.1
SnomedCT 367434002, 266085005, 186325006, 186322009, 186321002
English Erysipelothrix Infections, Infections, Erysipelothrix, Infection, Erysipelothrix, Erysipelothrix Infection, Erysipelothrix infection NOS, Erysipelothrix infection, unsp, Erysipelothrix infection, unspecified, INFECT ERYSIPELOTHRIX, ERYSIPELOTHRIX INFECT, listeriosis erysipelothrix infection, Erysipelothrix disease, Erysipelothrix infection (diagnosis), Erysipelothrix infections, Erysipelothrix Infections [Disease/Finding], erysipelothrix, Erysipelothrix infection, unspecified (disorder), Rosenbach erysipeloid, Erysipelothrix: [unspecified infection] or [Rosenbach] (disorder), Erysipelothrix infection NOS (disorder), Erysipeloid, Erysipeloid (disorder), Erysipelothrix: [unspecified infection] or [Rosenbach], Erysipelothrix, Erysipelothrix (disease), Erysipelothrix disease (disorder), Erysipelothrix; infection, Rosenbach, infection; Erysipelothrix, Erysipelothrix infection
Italian Infezione da Erysipelothrix, Infezioni da Erysipelothrix
Swedish Erysipelothrixinfektioner
Czech Erysipelothrix - infekce, Infekce vyvolané bakteriemi Erysipelothrix, Infekce vyvolané bakterií Erysipelothrix
Finnish Erysipelothrix-infektiot
Japanese エリジペロスリックス感染症, エリジペロスリックス感染, エリジペロスリックスカンセン, エリジペロトリックス感染症
Croatian Not Translated[Erysipelothrix Infections]
Polish Zakażenie Erysipelothrix, Infekcje włoskowcem różycy, Zakażenia włoskowcem różycy
Hungarian Erysipelothrix fertőzések, erysipelothrix fertőzés
Norwegian Rødsjuke
Spanish erisipeloide, erisipeloide (trastorno), infección por Erysipelothrix, no especificada (trastorno), infección por Erysipelothrix, no especificada, infección por Erysipelothrix, SAI, erisipeloide de Rosenbach, infección por Erysipelothrix, SAI (trastorno), enfermedad por Erysipelothrix (trastorno), Infecciones por erysipelothrix, Infección por erysipelothrix, Erysipelothrix, Erysipelothrix (enfermedad), infección por Erysipelothrix, enfermedad por Erysipelothrix, Infecciones por Erysipelothrix
Dutch Erysipelothrix; infectie, infectie; Erysipelothrix, Erysipelothrix-infecties, Erysipelothrix-infectie, Infectie, erysipelothrix-
Portuguese Infecção a Erysipelotrix, Infecções a Erysipelotrix, Infecções por Erysipelothrix
French Rouget du porc, Infections à Erysipelothrix
German Erysipelothrix-Infektionen, Erysipelothrix-Infektion, Erysipelothrixinfektionen