II. Indications: Atrial Fibrillation Cardioversion

  1. Time to Cardioversion: 3-8 hours
  2. Conversion Rate: 68-91%
  3. Chronic Efficacy: 40-74%

III. Dose

  1. Load: 300-400 mg PO single bolus dose
  2. Maintenance: 50-150 mg PO bid

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flecainide (on 5/17/2017 at Medicaid.Gov Survey of pharmacy drug pricing)
FLECAINIDE ACETATE 100 MG TAB Generic $0.35 each
FLECAINIDE ACETATE 150 MG TAB Generic $0.62 each
FLECAINIDE ACETATE 50 MG TAB Generic $0.25 each

Ontology: Flecainide (C0016229)

Definition (MSH) A potent anti-arrhythmia agent, effective in a wide range of ventricular and atrial ARRHYTHMIAS and TACHYCARDIAS.
Definition (NCI) A synthetic agent derived from trifluoroethoxy-benzamide exhibiting antiarrhythmic and local anesthetic activity. As a class Ic antiarrhythmic that blocks sodium channels, flecainide depresses polarization phase 0 and decreases the induction velocity of the His-Purkinje system. It also decreases phase 4 slope and increases the depolarization threshold. (NCI04)
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) A drug that is used to treat abnormal heart rhythms. It may also relieve neuropathic pain, the burning, stabbing, or stinging pain that may arise from damage to nerves caused by some types of cancer or cancer treatment.
Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121) , Organic Chemical (T109)
MSH D005424
SnomedCT 372751001, 46576005
LNC LP16148-6, MTHU004259
English Flecainide, Benzamide, N-(2-piperidinylmethyl)-2,5-bis(2,2,2-trifluoroethoxy)-, flecainide (medication), Flecainide [Chemical/Ingredient], FLECAINIDE, flecainide, Flecainide (product), Flecainide (substance)
Swedish Flekainid
Czech flekainid
Finnish Flekainidi
Polish Flekainid
Japanese 酢酸フレカイニド, フレカイニド
Spanish flecainida (producto), flecainida (sustancia), flecainida, Flecainida
French Flécaïnide
German Flecainid
Italian Flecainide
Portuguese Flecainida

Ontology: Tambocor (C0592158)

Concepts Pharmacologic Substance (T121) , Organic Chemical (T109)
MSH D005424
English tambocor, Tambocor, Apocard, Flécaïne, Riker Brand of Flecainide Acetate, United Drug Brand of Flecainide Acetate, 3M Brand of Flecainide Acetate