II. Epidemiology

  1. Most common type of Hypertension in adults

III. Criteria

  1. Systolic Blood Pressure: >140 mmHg (previously >160)
  2. Diastolic Blood Pressure: <90 mmHg

IV. Complications: Cardiovascular Risk

  1. General
    1. Systolic pressure predicts risk better than diastolic
    2. Wide Pulse Pressure best predicts cardiovascular risk
  2. Adverse Effects
    1. Doubles all cause mortality
    2. Triples cardiovascular mortality
    3. Increases cardiovascular morbidity 2.5 fold

V. Management

  1. Use lower antihypertensive dosages
  2. First Choice Medication: Diuretic
    1. Even better benefit in Diabetes Mellitus with ISH
    2. Study of 4736 type II diabetics
      1. Lower Incidence of cardiac events
        1. Lower Incidence of Cerebrovascular Accidents
        2. Lower Incidence of Myocardial Infarction
      2. Reference
        1. Curb (1996) JAMA 276: 1886-92 [PubMed]
  3. Other Medications
    1. Dihydropyridine Calcium Channel Blocker
    2. Long Acting Nitroglycerin
    3. ACE Inhibitor
    4. Labetalol

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Ontology: Systolic hypertension (C0221155)

Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
SnomedCT 194759009, 56218007
Italian Ipertensione sistolica
Japanese 収縮期高血圧, シュウシュクキコウケツアツ
Czech Systolická hypertenze
Hungarian Systolés hypertonia
English systolic hypertension, systolic hypertension (diagnosis), hypertension systolic, Systolic hypertension, Systolic hypertension (disorder), Systolic Hypertension
Spanish hipertensión arterial sistólica (trastorno), hipertensión arterial sistólica, Hipertensión sistólica
Portuguese Hipertensão sistólica
Dutch systolische hypertensie
French Hypertension systolique
German Systolische Hypertonie