II. Definitions

  1. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
    1. Automated 24 hour BP recording
    2. Analogous to a Holter Monitor for Blood Pressure

III. Indications

  1. Newly diagnosed Hypertension (especially borderline)
  2. White-coat Hypertension
  3. Drug-Resistant Hypertension
  4. Pregnancy-induced Hypertension
  5. Evaluation of antihypertensive efficacy
  6. Episodes of symptomatic Hypertension
  7. Autonomic Neuropathy
  8. Orthostatic Hypotension

IV. Cost

  1. Initial equipment investment: $5000
  2. Patient cost: $100 to $300

V. Precautions

  1. Overnight readings are often inaccurate or absent from recording
    1. Most patients do not tolerate interrupted sleep by cuff inflation

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