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What is TomeRaider?

TomeRaider is a reference viewer written for the Pocket PC, Windows, and Epoc operating systems. Tomeraider is also available for the Palm platform, but unfortunately this is a scaled down version that does not support the outline formatting necessary to view FPNotebook.

FPNotebook is not affiliated with the makers of TomeRaider; TomeRaider however must be installed on the handheld for this version of FPNotebook to run.

TomeRaider file format was chosen for the FPNotebook handheld version because it compresses references into very tiny packages, rapidly browses and searches, allows for cross-linking between topics, and runs virtually on every handheld platform. Thousands of free TomeRaider texts are available at

Information about Tomeraider, demonstration versions of this reader, as well as purchase information ($20 to $25 depending on the operating system) can be found at A fully functioning trial version of TomeRaider is available from the TomeRaider website.

About FPNotebook for TomeRaider

TomeRaider fits the FPNotebook like a glove - a tight glove, at only ~4 MB (12 MB with the images) for the entire reference in one single file. Click on the file, and TomeRaider opens instantly with the index of over 8000 terms in the FPNotebook. Click on the term and the page opens in a full window with cross-links embedded in the text (similar to the FPNotebook website). You may also traverse the notebook via the navigation tools to the Book, Chapter and Page at the bottom of every topic.

Limitations and Known Problems

  • The FPNotebook file will not function in TomeRaider for the Palm platform due to lack of outline formatting. This will hopefully be corrected in a future Palm versions of TomeRaider.
  • The FPnotebook pages are in outline form and are optimized to fit handheld screens; a few modifications may be necessary.
  • Programs such as 'Dietician in the Box' and the 'Obstetrics Calendar' as well as the clinic worksheets are not included in this version and must be accessed from the website.
  • TomeRaider must be purchased separately to run this handheld version.
  • Only an English version of the FPNotebook is available.

Purchase FPNotebook for Tomeraider on the Pocket PC

You can purchase access to the FPNotebook Pocket PC version for $50/year by clicking here:Purchase the PocketPC version of the FPNotebook.

Again, please note that this version requires an additional and separate purchase of Tomeraider for the Pocket PC as described above. Also, do not buy this version for any handheld other than the Pocket PC.

Try a Demonstration of FPNotebook for Tomeraider on the Pocket PC

Download a demo version of the FPNotebook by clicking here: Download a Demonstration version of FPNotebook for TomeRaider .

Please note that this version requires a separate download of a trial version of the TomeRaider software (see above). In addition, it does not include the images and catagory breakdowns of the full version. This is intended only to test the look and feel of the FPNotebook for Pocket PC version. You will find 25% of the FPNotebook text disabled. In addition, the tomeraider trial version also disables a certain number of entries.