II. Criteria: DSM-IV Alcohol Use Disorder (2 or more criteria)

  1. Alcohol is taken in larger amounts than intended
  2. Persistent desire or unsuccessful effort to cut down or control Alcohol use
  3. Considerable time is spent to obtain Alcohol, use Alcohol or recover from Alcohol effects
  4. Craving, strong desire or urge to use Alcohol
  5. Failure to fulfill obligations at work, school or home due to Alcohol
  6. Social, occupational or recreational activities are altered due to Alcohol use
  7. Alcohol is used in physically hazardous situations
  8. Alcohol use continues despite persistent or recurrent Alcohol-related problems
  9. Alcohol tolerance develops requiring increasing amounts to achieve desired effect
  10. Alcohol Withdrawl symptoms

III. Criteria: DSM-IV Alcohol Abuse (1 or more criteria for over 1 year)

  1. Role Impairment (e.g. failed work or home obligations)
  2. Hazardous use (e.g. Driving, swimming or operating machinery while intoxicated)
  3. Legal problems related to Alcohol use
  4. Social or interpersonal problems due to Alcohol

IV. Criteria: DSM-IV Alcohol Dependence (3 criteria for over 1 year)

  1. Tolerance (increased drinking to achieve same effect)
  2. Alcohol Withdrawal signs or symptoms
  3. Drinking more than intended
  4. Unsuccessful attempts to cut down on use
  5. Excessive time related to Alcohol (obtaining, hangover)
  6. Impaired social or work activities due to Alcohol
  7. Use despite physical or psychological consequences

V. References

  1. (1994) DSM-IV, APA, p. 181-3

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