II. PreparationsL Milk Plan (once daily dosing of all ingredients combined)

  1. Liquid Non-fat milk (8 ounces)
  2. Powdered Non-fat milk (4 to 5 tablespoons)
  3. Carnation Instant Breakfast (1 packet)

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Ontology: Protein supplement (C0770246)

Concepts Amino Acid, Peptide, or Protein (T116) , Pharmacologic Substance (T121)
SnomedCT 108954004, 373687007, 226282004
English Protein Supplement, PROTEIN SUPPLEMENT, protein supplementation, proteins supplements, protein supplement, protein supplements, supplement protein, PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS, Protein supplement (product), Protein supplement (substance), Protein supplement, Protein supplementation, Protein supplementation (product), Protein supplementation (substance)
Spanish suplemento de proteínas (producto), suplemento de proteínas, suplementación proteica, suplemento proteico (producto), suplementación proteica (producto), suplemento proteico (sustancia), suplemento proteico, suplementos proteicos