II. Implications

  1. Dysphagia may occur in 55% of patients after CVA
  2. Silent aspiration occurs 40-70% of Dysphagia patients
  3. Risk of Aspiration Pneumonia and other complications

III. Predictors of Aspiration Risk after CVA

  1. Criteria
    1. Dysphonia
    2. Dysarthria
    3. Abnormal Gag Reflex
    4. Abnormal volitional cough (weak cough on command)
    5. Cough within 1 minute of water ingestion (5,10,20 cc)
    6. Voice changes after swallowing (5, 10, 20 cc)
  2. Interpretation
    1. One or less criteria: Mild or no Dysphagia
    2. Two or more criteria: Moderate to severe Dysphagia

IV. Management for moderate to severe Dysphagia

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