III. Precautions: Maintaining Vaccine efficacy

  1. Maintain the cold chain prior to Vaccine administration
    1. Most Vaccines must be maintained in a tightly Temperature controlled refrigerator to ensure Vaccine efficacy
  2. Consider a back-up generator to protect Vaccines if power fails
  3. Manufacturers can give guidance if vaccine Temperatures varied from those recommended
  4. Use a refrigerator designed for Vaccines
  5. Monitor refrigerator Temperature twice daily or more with buffered probe thermometer (e.g. glycol-encased)
    1. Continuous monitoring and automatic recording is preferred
    2. Thermometer ideally alarms when Temperature falls out of safe range
  6. Keep Vaccines on the middle of the shelves (not in the door or along the back wall) to maintain consistent Temperature
  7. Water bottles or freezer packs can help stabilize the Temperature (but do not store food with Vaccines)
  8. References
    1. (2012) Presc Lett 19(12): 70

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