II. Indications

  1. Crystal Ear not recommended by Medical Letter
  2. Consult Audiology before any Hearing Aid purchase

III. Background

  1. Mail order product from TechnoBrands (Comtrad)
  2. Linear conventional analog Hearing Aid
    1. Most simple Hearing Aid type
  3. Weak amplification in speech range (200-6000 Hz)
  4. One-size-fits-all device
    1. Comes with 2 sleeves to help fit to ear canal

IV. Advantages

  1. Inexpensive ($300 contrasted with $900)

V. Disadvantages

  1. May be difficult to handle and place in ear canal
  2. May not prevent acoustic feedback
    1. Occurs when air escapes ear canal
  3. Inadequate in noisy environments
  4. Helps only a minority of persons with Hearing Loss
    1. Those with mild, flat Hearing Loss
  5. Recent court settlement regarding false advertising

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