I. Definitions

  1. Erosions
    1. Focal, superficial epidermal loss
    2. Heals without scarring
  2. Ulceration
    1. Focal loss of Epidermis and Dermis
    2. Ulcers heal with scar formation

II. Differential Diagnosis: Erosion

III. Differential Diagnosis: Ulceration

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Ontology: Skin Ulcer (C0037299)

Definition (NCI_CTCAE) A disorder characterized by circumscribed, inflammatory and necrotic erosive lesion on the skin.
Definition (NCI) A circumscribed and often suppurating skin crater which usually includes loss of skin integrity of the superficial skin or the mucous membranes.(NICHD)
Definition (CSP) lesion on the surface of the skin produced by the sloughing of inflammatory necrotic tissue.
Concepts Disease or Syndrome (T047)
MSH D012883
ICD10 L98.4
SnomedCT 46742003, 201257009
LNC MTHU015072
English Skin Ulcers, Ulcers, Skin, SKIN ULCERATION, Ulcer, Skin, Skin Ulcer(s), Skin ulcers, Cutaneous ulcers, Ulcer of skin, skin ulcer (physical finding), skin ulcer, Skin ulcer NOS, Ulcer skin, Skin ulceration, Ulcer of skin NOS, Skin Ulcer [Disease/Finding], skin ulcerations, skin ulcers, skin sores, Ulcer;skin, skin ulceration, cutaneous ulcers, cutaneous ulcer, sore on skin, Skin Ulcer, Cutaneous ulceration, Physical findings.skin ulcer, Skin ulcer, Cutaneous ulcer, Skin ulcer (disorder), skin; ulcer, ulcer; skin, Ulcer of skin, NOS
Italian Ulcera della cute, Ulcera della cute NAS, Ulcerazione della cute, Ulcera della pelle
Dutch huidulcus NAO, huidulceratie, huid; ulcus, ulcus; huid, huidulcus, Huidulcus, Ulcus, huid-
French Ulcère cutané SAI, Ulcération cutanée, ULCERATION CUTANEE, Ulcère cutané, Ulcère de la peau
German Hautulkus NNB, Hautulzeration, Ulkus Haut, HAUTULZERATION, Hautulkus, Hautgeschwür
Portuguese Úlcera cutânea NE, Ulceração cutânea, ULCERACAO CUTANEA, Úlcera cutânea, Úlcera Cutânea
Spanish Ulceración de la piel, Úlcera de la piel NEOM, Úlcera de piel, PIEL, ULCERACION, úlcera cutánea, úlcera de la piel (trastorno), úlcera de la piel, Úlcera de la piel, Úlcera Cutánea
Japanese 皮膚潰瘍NOS, 皮膚潰瘍, 皮膚潰瘍形成, ヒフカイヨウケイセイ, ヒフカイヨウNOS, ヒフカイヨウ
Swedish Hudsår
Czech kůže - vředy, Vřed kůže NOS, Vřed kůže, Kožní vřed, Kožní ulcerace
Finnish Ihohaavauma
Polish Owrzodzenie skóry
Hungarian Bőr ulceratio, Bőr fekély, Fekély bőr, Bőr fekély k.m.n.
Norwegian Hudsår

Ontology: Ulcer (C0041582)

Definition (NCI) The formation or development of an ulcer.
Definition (NCI_CDISC) The formation or development of an ulcer. (NCI)
Definition (NCI_NCI-GLOSS) The formation of a break on the skin or on the surface of an organ. An ulcer forms when the surface cells die and are cast off. Ulcers may be associated with cancer and other diseases.
Definition (NCI) A circumscribed inflammatory and often suppurating lesion on the skin or an internal mucous surface resulting in necrosis of tissue.
Definition (MSH) A lesion on the surface of the skin or a mucous surface, produced by the sloughing of inflammatory necrotic tissue.
Definition (CSP) local defect or excavation of the surface of an organ or tissue produced by the sloughing of inflammatory necrotic tissue.
Concepts Pathologic Function (T046)
MSH D014456
SnomedCT 429040005, 263913002, 56208002, 255321001
LNC MTHU021191, MTHU022920, LA16827-0
Dutch ulcus NAO, ulcus, Zweer
French Ulcère SAI, Ulcération, Ulcère
German Ulkus NNB, Ulkus, Geschwür
Italian Ulcera NAS, Ulcera
Portuguese Úlcera NE, Úlcera
Spanish Úlcera NEOM, úlcera (trastorno), lesión ulcerosa, SAI, lesión ulcerosa, ulceración (calificador), ulceración, SAI, ulceración, ulceroso (calificador), ulceroso, úlcera (anomalía morfológica), úlcera, SAI, úlcera, Úlcera
Japanese 潰瘍NOS, 潰瘍, カイヨウ, カイヨウNOS
Swedish Sår
Czech ulcus, vřed, Vřed, Vřed NOS
English Ulcer (disorder), Ulcer NOS, Ulcerated, Ulcerating, Ulcer [Disease/Finding], ulcer lesion, ulcerate, ulcerates, ulceratives, ulcer, ulcerating, ulcerated, ulcers, ulcerations, lesions ulcers, lesions ulcer, lesions ulcerative, ulcerative, Ulcers, ULCERATION, ULCER, ulceration, Ulceration, Ulcerative lesion, Ulcerative, Ulcer - lesion, Ulcer (morphologic abnormality), Ulceration (qualifier value), Ulcerative (qualifier value), Ulcus, Ulcer, NOS, Ulceration, NOS, Ulcerative lesion, NOS, Ulcus, NOS, Ulcer
Finnish Haava
Croatian ULKUS
Polish Owrzodzenie, Wrzód
Hungarian Fekély, Fekély k.m.n.
Norwegian Sykelig sår, Ulcus

Ontology: Superficial ulcer (C0333307)

Concepts Acquired Abnormality (T020)
SnomedCT 15498001
English Superficial ulcer, erosion, superficial ulcers, erosions, superficial ulceration, superficial ulcer, Erosion, Superficial ulceration, Superficial ulcer (morphologic abnormality)
Spanish erosión, ulceración superficial, úlcera superficial (anomalía morfológica), úlcera superficial